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Application Of Home UPS In The Event Of Power Blackout

Posted by Admin on September, 19, 2014

Its summer time and with it has come the time of long power cuts, both day and night. A time when fan is the only life saver, power cuts make the very life difficult. It is here, that home Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) gain importance with the good quality of them providing power backup up to 8 hours/ day. A home UPS has a battery which stores the electric or solar charge in it and act as a substitute power option when main source fails to function. It is useful for almost all the electric appliances viz. fan, computer, electricity bulbs, etc.

Common Power Problems
Home UPS provide short term power backups in the event of failure of mains. But, with this one particular property of UPS, there are other problems to which it has an indisputable solution.
  • High voltage or the sustained voltage spike
  • Sustained input voltage reduction
  • High frequency oscillation used with other equipment causing noise
  • Interruptible mains supply
  • Lack of sinusoidal waveform on the line

UPS are of great importance used on different appliances and applications. Based on the extensive use of the UPS, the primary importance of the same can be clearly seen in:
  • Transients :- Classified into two, Impulsive and Oscillatory, the voltage or current level fluctuates to very high levels either in positive or negative direction. UPS helps to clamps the excessive energy and sends a controlled amount that does not damage an appliance.
  • Interruptions :- It can be defined as a complete loss of power voltage and current. The reasons for interruption are grid failure, thunder lightening, equipment failure or circuit breaking, etc. To avoid the breaking point, UPS are the best mitigating devices that can be used to overcome interruptions.
  • Voltage Fluctuation :- UPS are best medium to control voltage fluctuations which occur due to varied current fluctuation. They control the recurring changes and balance out the current flow.
  • Frequency Variation :- Frequency variation takes place rarely but does have its impact on the functioning of the electric devices. UPS ensure that the current flow is maintained in a regular basis and also in a balanced frequency to avoid any electrical damage.

Installing a UPS is the best option to overcome those hard times of power blackout and have a pleasant summer this year.

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