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The Merits Of Servo Voltage Stabilizer

Posted by Admin on February, 27, 2014

Servo Voltage Stabilizer is an effective and economic device that maintains a constant power supply even when the mains supply is fluctuating. Voltage fluctuation can result in irreparable damage to sensitive electrical and electronic equipment and as such the Voltage Stabilizers are a crucial requirement to keep them safe. Fluctuating Voltage also impacts the performance of the rugged equipment such as induction motors, heaters, etc.

Construction Of Servo Voltage Stabilizer

Servo Voltage Stabilizers of lower capacity ranging up to 50 KVA comprise of air cooled single unit construction. Stabilizers with high capacity usually have two-unit set up to facilitate shipping and installation. Bus bars or interconnecting cables are used to connect the units.

Servo Voltage Stabilizer: Operation

Servo Voltage Stabilizer works on the simple principle of voltage addition or subtraction. When the mains voltage fluctuates from the appropriate value, the stabilizer adds or subtracts potential so as to rectify the deviation thereby restoring the power supply to normal and safe levels. There is a servo motor that drives a continuously variable voltage auto transformer with the use of voltage sensing relay. The role of this voltage sensing relay is to check any fluctuation, compare it with a reference level and direct the motor to rectify the output voltage.

Servo Voltage Stabilizer: Built In Features

  • A voltmeter that indicates input and output voltages
  • A lockable potentiometer for output setting
  • Indications for voltage fluctuations
  • A drive motor with instant start/stop/reverse characteristics

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